Procrastination vs Action: How to know when you actually need the dentist

Most articles about the dentist open up with the same old throw away lines about the pain and lifelong fears of the dentists chair. I for one actually enjoy going to the dentist. Call me crazy, but I think it’s like taking my car to the mechanic – sure, it can be expensive but my car always runs great once they’ve finished with it.

happy trip to dentist

In a perfect world we’d all floss daily, eat clean foods and go for checkups every six months. But sadly this just isn’t the reality. We avoid the place like the plague and we only go when it’s needed. So how do you REALLY know when it’s time to go?

There are 3 stages we all fall into, these range from procrastination to panic and go as follows:


Panic [aka Emergency dental situations]

Most of the time you don’t need to be told when it’s an emergency. If a tooth is knocked out of your gums, a molar snaps in half or puss is coming out of your mouth from places it shouldn’t then you definitely need to get yourself along to an emergency dentist pronto.

There are some incidences where people actually underestimate the severity of their situation though. These can be costly because the situation only gets worse and so does the pain. Here’s the most common scenario:

Problem: Miss-diagnosing a Sore Tooth

A sore tooth is the most common thing that people write off, essentially hoping that it will go away but sometimes it doesn’t and in the worst cases it can become abscessed. This is where an infection occurs where the tooth meets the gum and it can be caused from decay, gingivitis or tooth trauma. It can get swollen, red, sore and potentially lead to a root canal.

Signs to look out for:

  • Sharp shooting pains when you chew
  • Fever or swollen glands
  • A strange taste in your mouth (from the infection)
  • Bad breath

What to do:

Don’t procrastinate on this one. Get yourself along to the dentist ASAP and hopefully they’ll be able to fix it without a root canal and causing too much pain (to you and your back pocket).

Mild Concern [ aka I’ll fix it tomorrow]

We’ve all been here before. You have dull or nagging pains. Sometimes they come sometimes they go away, usually we hope it’s the latter. So what’s the fuss about. If it’s not an emergency, then why do we need to care? The truth is most of the time you don’t. But there are some instances where getting the dull pain checked can really help. Here’s a common example:

Problem: Dull pain in the molar

The back teeth or molars handle the bulk of the chewing and can need some running repairs. It’s not uncommon to see hairline cracks appear across the top of the tooth. These can be mildly uncomfortable to slightly painful in certain situations (but easy to ignore also). Problem is the crack can worsen and instead of needing a filling or a cap it can require a crown (which can cost in excess of $1000 in the US/AUS/UK).

crack in tooth serious problem
Small problems become big problems










Signs to look out for:

  • Dull pain when chewing on back molars
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids

What to do:

If you are noticing prolonged symptoms beyond a week, get along to the dentist, it’s likely in the early stages and they can fix it with a filling or a cap. These are quick and inexpensive when compared to a crown.

Procrastination [aka why worry about the dentist]

Dentists would almost be out of a job if we all weren’t such procrastinators. This is the least problematic of the phases and it’s easy to understand why. For me it’s easy, I get check ups with my dentist every six months, but others don’t give a damn and have healthy teeth. I’d be interested to know the results of a cost benefit study on the following:

Not Going for Regular Checkups + Costs VS. Going for regular Checkups + Costs

If you’d got that check up every six months, would you have ended up with that filling? On the flip side you’ve also spent more money going for checkups every six months…so are you better or worse off? I’m not going to commission the study and most of you reading this are probably wondering what I’m talking about.

The point I’ve tried to raise (at times poorly) throughout this article is that underestimating dental problems and poor self diagnosis is something we’re all guilty of, but can avoid. There are unnecessary complications that can arise which are a pain in the butt – so why do it to yourselves people? Get yourself along to the dentist more often and you’ll have less problems. Who knows, you might even start to enjoy it like I do.

7 Important Hair Care Tips for Men

There always seems to be a wealth of information and products on the market for women’s hair, and we get it, it’s understandable, however men are often left a little in the dark. This can result in guys not caring and developing poor habits and even damaging their hair along the way. Some guys reading this will think so what…think baldness. Now pay attention.

bad mens hair
image credit: Pintrest


There are some basic, and others less basic, measures you can take to ensure your precious locks are looking their best and stay put on your head for as long as possible.


Here are 7 of the most important tips for modern men’s hair care:


1. Don’t Use Cheap Shampoo’s

Most men will be familiar with this scenario: you’re at the supermarket, walking down the isles and you remember you need some shampoo – you finally find the right isle and then you find the cheapest OK looking option (because we don’t want to look super cheap). Cheap shampoos have a thing called sulphate in them, this can be labelled as ‘sodium lauryl sulphate’, it makes the shampoo lather up and gives it the foamy effect but it also strips your hair of essential oils. Try a sulphate free brand and you might be pleasantly surprised.

2. Get More Volume by Using Matte Products

If you are thinning out on top you can get more volume and a better look all-round by using a matte product. Because matte and clay type products absorb light they give the appearance of thicker hair. Simple easy trick – drop the gels and mouse and try these today (your hairdresser can advise and usually sell you some).

3. Don’t Rub, Pat

Yep rubbing your hair when it’s wet can damage it because it’s weaker. So take it easy, dab and pat your hair dry rather than furiously rubbing your hair from your scalp.

4. Don’t Wash too Often

Because we lead busy lives, we hit the gym, walk the dog, do house work, drop the kids off, run in the mornings etc etc this can lead us to shower a couple of times per day. We don’t need to wash our hair every day though, this just dries it out and makes it more brittle. You can drop your schedule down to once or twice a week and you might be better for it. Wash and condition a couple times a week and see if you notice a difference. Leave the shampoo in for a 2 minutes to ensure you get a thorough clean.

5. Ease Back on Overuse of Product

In an effort to impress and have our hair looking great, men can overdo it in the product department sometimes. Overuse of products can lead to the dreaded greasy look. A more natural appearing look can be attained by using a good matte or clay – -> apply to the finger tips sparingly, rub the tips together and then apply to the hair.

6. Natural Can Work Too

The kitchen can hold some interesting options for guys wanting to give their hair a natural boost. An egg wash is a great way to give your hair a protein boost. You can do it once a month for a natural boost, just rinse out in the shower afterwards, job done.

7. Cold for Oily, Cold for Drying

If you have greasy hair it’s a good idea to not wash your hair in hot water, this opens up the glands that are producing the oils in the first place. Also try switching up your shampoo to a specialty product for oily hair. If you are using a hair dryer try to use the cool mode to avoid damaging your hair with heat and creating the frizzy effect. It’ll take longer but your scalp will thank you for it.

The Final Say

You don’t have to be metrosexual to care about your hair. Spend a little time considering the best options for you. So you may pay $5 for a shampoo that lasts 3 months, it’s hardly a game changer is it? With a little time and effort men can prolong the good times.

Healthy Tips for Healthy People

Your life is the most beautiful gift that you’ll ever receive, and because of this you need to take good care of it, no matter what you do. You need to be able to enjoy your life, to laugh at funny jokes, to work and take a job, to have Heart Healthfriends and spend quality time with them and even to take care of your family.

However, to be able to do all these things, you need to be healthy. Yes, being healthy allows you to accomplish all those things that you think about – finishing school, going to college, finding a job, getting married and everything else.

People usually overlook this aspect of their lives, even if this is the most important. Living a healthy lifestyle is not hard at all, especially if you have the will to do it and the motivation, of course.

We’d like to present you a list of 3 healthy tips to help you with this.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is very important for everyone, and your body needs at least 8 hours each night to regenerate. There was an experiment, and scientists have proven that people can’t go on without sleep for more than a few days in a road. This proves how important sleep is for you, and a good night sleep between 6 and 8 hours each night will let your body rest, relax and regenerate. There are plenty of important processes that happen during your sleep with your body, so you need to make sure of this period. Apart from this, with enough sleep you will have no dark circles around your eyes, your heart will function normally, you won’t feel tired every day and even your digestive system will be improved.

  1. Food

Many people are not paying attention to the food that they are eating, and they end up suffering from obesity or other similar problems. A bad nutrition can lead to digestive problems, but also heart problems. Someone who suffers from obesity will be predisposed to other illnesses also, like increased cholesterol, increased risk of heart attack, circulatory problems and others.

To prevent all this, you need to be very careful about what you eat. Losing weight could be done easily with a good diet, like reducing the intake of sugar, soda, fats, oils and others. When you want to eat healthy, you need to concentrate on eating more fruits and vegetables, no processed foods and definitely no fast food. Ask a nutritionist about what is the best diet for you, and together with him or her you will find the perfect solution to your weight problems without too much effort.

  1. Exercising

Not everyone can exercise daily, but even those who lack the desire or the passion to do this can learn the benefits that this brings for their health. Daily exercising should be started easy, especially if you’re not used to physical effort. There are plenty of gyms where you can find adequate personal trainers, which can help you out in choosing the right sets of exercising.

Even if you don’t practice this daily, but you exercise every 2 or 3 days, this health-256brings you tremendous benefits. Your heart rate will be improved, your respiratory system will also function better, you will lose weight easier, especially if you combine it with an adequate diet and your mood will also change.

It’s not a secret anymore that people who live a healthier lifestyle are happier and also live longer. Changing your lifestyle it’s not hard, and you can easily do it if you have enough will and determination. All you have to do is think about the future benefits of living a healthier lifestyle and you’re ready to start on this road!