7 Important Hair Care Tips for Men

There always seems to be a wealth of information and products on the market for women’s hair, and we get it, it’s understandable, however men are often left a little in the dark. This can result in guys not caring and developing poor habits and even damaging their hair along the way. Some guys reading this will think so what…think baldness. Now pay attention.

bad mens hair
image credit: Pintrest


There are some basic, and others less basic, measures you can take to ensure your precious locks are looking their best and stay put on your head for as long as possible.


Here are 7 of the most important tips for modern men’s hair care:


1. Don’t Use Cheap Shampoo’s

Most men will be familiar with this scenario: you’re at the supermarket, walking down the isles and you remember you need some shampoo – you finally find the right isle and then you find the cheapest OK looking option (because we don’t want to look super cheap). Cheap shampoos have a thing called sulphate in them, this can be labelled as ‘sodium lauryl sulphate’, it makes the shampoo lather up and gives it the foamy effect but it also strips your hair of essential oils. Try a sulphate free brand and you might be pleasantly surprised.

2. Get More Volume by Using Matte Products

If you are thinning out on top you can get more volume and a better look all-round by using a matte product. Because matte and clay type products absorb light they give the appearance of thicker hair. Simple easy trick – drop the gels and mouse and try these today (your hairdresser can advise and usually sell you some).

3. Don’t Rub, Pat

Yep rubbing your hair when it’s wet can damage it because it’s weaker. So take it easy, dab and pat your hair dry rather than furiously rubbing your hair from your scalp.

4. Don’t Wash too Often

Because we lead busy lives, we hit the gym, walk the dog, do house work, drop the kids off, run in the mornings etc etc this can lead us to shower a couple of times per day. We don’t need to wash our hair every day though, this just dries it out and makes it more brittle. You can drop your schedule down to once or twice a week and you might be better for it. Wash and condition a couple times a week and see if you notice a difference. Leave the shampoo in for a 2 minutes to ensure you get a thorough clean.

5. Ease Back on Overuse of Product

In an effort to impress and have our hair looking great, men can overdo it in the product department sometimes. Overuse of products can lead to the dreaded greasy look. A more natural appearing look can be attained by using a good matte or clay – -> apply to the finger tips sparingly, rub the tips together and then apply to the hair.

6. Natural Can Work Too

The kitchen can hold some interesting options for guys wanting to give their hair a natural boost. An egg wash is a great way to give your hair a protein boost. You can do it once a month for a natural boost, just rinse out in the shower afterwards, job done.

7. Cold for Oily, Cold for Drying

If you have greasy hair it’s a good idea to not wash your hair in hot water, this opens up the glands that are producing the oils in the first place. Also try switching up your shampoo to a specialty product for oily hair. If you are using a hair dryer try to use the cool mode to avoid damaging your hair with heat and creating the frizzy effect. It’ll take longer but your scalp will thank you for it.

The Final Say

You don’t have to be metrosexual to care about your hair. Spend a little time considering the best options for you. So you may pay $5 for a shampoo that lasts 3 months, it’s hardly a game changer is it? With a little time and effort men can prolong the good times.